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#ModelMonday: How To Start Getting Paid For Your Work

#ModelMonday: How To Start Getting Paid For Your Work

Hey Lovelies!

Now in any profession, there are those who do it for the love and others who do it for the love of money. As a model this is no different except the money seems so hard to come by! There are so many discrepancies when it comes to paying model. A lot of brands and projects offer exposure and great photos but unfortunately, almost all landlords fail to accept exposure as a form of payment. It seems even harder to get paid when you're an independent model trying to make a name for yourself with out the connections of an agency backing. Never the less it can be done. In the age of social stardom, models have more power than ever to make a name for themselves on their own terms.

Today I'm going to give you 3 tips on how to start getting paid for your work. 


Think About What You Offer

I know this may be hard for those of you just starting out but you'd be surprised at how much you bring to the table as an artist even when you're just starting out. Even with this being evident make a mini resume of what you can do prepping for or during a shoot. If you're able to or going to style the shoot or providing the wardrobe that's a skill of value. if you can do your hair and makeup - that's a skill. Location scouting or provision is a skill. You can set an hourly price or a flat rate that includes some or all these valuable skills that show you not only have the ability to model but you are bringing things to the table when it comes to this shoot.

Start Small

Sometimes in order to start getting paid for your time and work you have to train people. Start your hourly or flat rate really small. If a photographer reaches out to you for a project (depending on the scale and details) say you charge $10 an hour for a 2-hour minimum shoot. If nothing else that at least covers gas and allows you to put something in your pocket especially if you're providing any of the things off of your list. It also lets it be known that you value yourself and your time and they will too.


People are less likely to hire people they don't know. If you're growing as a model put some of your work out there, network at fashion related events, and put yourself at the top of people's minds when they start to consider models for a job that you qualify for. This investment of time and effort can give you a financial return.


Now, remember these are just tips you can apply them how you'd like and when you'd like. Remeber to weight the option and opportunities you come by. Some opportunities are worth their weight in exposure and lifetime value (i.e. you do a free show and are booked for a shoot with the brand at a later date). I hope this helped you all and remember if there's anything that you would like more information on feel free to drop a comment and I'll make a post about it.

Until next week lovelies!

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