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#FridayFunday : Awkward DMs Podcast

#FridayFunday : Awkward DMs Podcast

Hey Loves!

This week I had the pleasure of being featured on the Awkward DMs podcast with two amazing women The Lovely Model Ana and The Whiskey Chick! If you missed me speaking on how I BASELED (Art Basel) this year, relationships, modeling, being educated and how to maneuver in the industry while keeping your integrity just click the button below to catch up to the conversation and be sure to subscribe to Awkward Dms!

But what would this interview be without some exclusive BTS access to two professionals in the South Florida entertainment scene? 

So I'm coming at you with ANOTHER ONE of my exclusive behind the scenes clips. Here’s my follow up video to  BTS Bites feat. Briana you can see that full video below:


Now I'm giving you a real look at a model turned mogul The Lovely Model Ana. You can find her on the air, on the mic, in front of the camera and behind it! In this BTS Bites we are talking about the secret to her success and a skill she wants to instantly learn! If you want to see more of her feel free to follow her on Instagram @lovelymodelana_ or just click the link below.


Enjoy my BTS BITES ft. The Lovely Model Ana of Awkward DMs below!

After the podcast, I had become so comfortable with the Whiskey Chick I decided to pick her brain as well! 

Now I'm giving you a real look at a rising phenom The Whiskey DJ who’s about to be your new favorite DJ PERIOD! We’re talking having a vagina and mastering turntables as well as the ultimate DJ battle featuring a 90s icon. If you want to see more of her pick your poison below.


Check out here BTS BITES below!

If you like what you see don’t hesitate to subscribe, like, and comment so I know to keep creating content like this. If you want to see more let me know and don’t forget to follow me on my social media and my blog below:


Join me Lola Chél as I take you behind the scenes of my modeling gigs and entertainment jobs. I’ll be getting up close and personal with amazing creatives to let know see a raw peek into their lives and professions. These short interviews will take you with me in the chairs of makeup artists, in the booths of hairstylist, behind the cameras of photographers, in the fitting rooms of designers, on the sets with actors, backstage with models, on stage with artists, and much much more!

Stay tuned for awesome mini-interviews with some of your favorite creatives. For updates subscribe and be sure to follow me on my blog LolaChel.com and my social media for more.

#FridayFunday : Wanna Be On Top?

#FridayFunday : Wanna Be On Top?

#FridayFunday : Behind The Scenes

#FridayFunday : Behind The Scenes