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#ModelOfTheMonth : Daphnee Abelard 

#ModelOfTheMonth : Daphnee Abelard 

Welcome To May Loves!

Those April showers helped this May flower bloom. I present to you May’s #ModelOfTheMonth the amazing Daphnee Abelard! Born in Saint Marc, Haiti and raised in Palm Beach Fl, Daphnee is an avid sickle cell advocate. She has an amazing heart and spirit so I know you’ll enjoy her story. Be sure to check out her full interview below!


What was your first modeling experience?

In high school I got in contact with photographer Gilbert Henry (DigiPhotos) through a friend of mine. I didn’t have much confidence at the time. I was always told that I was either weirdly tall like a  giraffe or skinny enough to be malnourished. He instilled in me that I was perfection and to take the modeling further. he even went as far as connecting me to Lilyana Who Manages West Palm Beach fashion week. For the first time I walked in a fashion show. I was so nervous but I met so many beautiful girls, they gave me such inspiration and hope in this industry.


What's Your Modeling Specialty? (Runway, Beauty, Swim, etc.) 

If I was too choose I’d choose runway it’s they best way to catch a models personality.

If You Could Sit Down With One Super Model (Living Or Deceased) Who Would It Be? 

A lot of people might think my response would be Naomi Campbell  because of my deep admiration for her but if to choose I would have a sit down with Duckie Thot. She took great lengths to be where she’s at and put in a lot of work. She went from Australia next top model to walking in Kanye West Yeezy show to one of Rihana’s faces for Fenty beauty. She also have a very humble personality that I love. I feel she would best help me improve myself in the industry because she reminds me of myself. after all she is the Naomi Campbell of this generation.


What Are Your Goals For Modeling (Agency signing? Starting your own agency? Other?) And Have You Reached Any Of Them?

My current goals is selling myself high and not short. It’s branding myself both inside and out. It’s networking, making friends in this industry that I can help and who can help me reach my goals . Starting a YouTube channel to answer questions on modeling and sickle cell. Its seeing myself in magazines, it’s seeing myself in billboards. It’s seeing the crowd watch me catwalk on the runway of New York Fashion Week. Even when everyone knows my name my goal will not be finished. I want to be iconic, someone people can look up to. Yes I have three magazine publications Hype Hair, Atlantic, and Coco Fashion Magazine. [I have also] walked two shows in  New York but it’s still an ongoing mission. 

What Was Your Worst Modeling Experience/Memory?


My worst modeling experience was looking for agency’s. I ran through so much no’s I became devastated, [and] at one point I almost quit. I’ve I realize a lot of agencies aren’t looking for a diamond in the rough they’re looking for the completed project. My pictures weren’t good enough, my look wasn’t good enough, and my walk wasn’t good enough. Luckily one day Posche Models was having a casting and saw something in me and signed me. They’ve molded me to perfect my craft.

How Does It Feel Being An Agency Represented Model?

When I was working on my own even with the help of publicist Carroll Lynn Willgren it was harder to get booked. And I would constantly have to look up casting and negotiate with clients. It took so much time from me, time I could have used working on myself. I was still working full time and taking classes at school. Some people only focus is modeling so I can understand how you can invest more time in to being your own manager. It feels good to have an agent, not to many people close to me support my passion. Time and time again I’ve looked at the crowd up from the stage to realize family and friends couldn’t make it. It definitely helps knowing I have a support system, my mother agency.


Have You Branched Into Anything Outside Of Modeling? 


Yes, In September 2017 I went to Jamaica to compete for Miss Global International. I represented Haiti and also used my platform to bring awareness to sickle cell. I was also chosen in the top of Miss Global International Pageant. I’m happy to say that I made friends from all across the world. This month [February 2019] I’m also traveling to Dominican Republic and reunite with one of my pageant sisters.

On October 2017 I purchased my own home I always told my mom one day you can come to my home and I’ll cook for you. Last year I started my own hair business, for 2019 my goal is to restock and have my website running so people can have products delivered to them. Also this year I will be graduating with a degree in graphic design and two certifications in Jesus name.

How Has Being A Sickle Cell Advocate Molded Your Modeling Career?


Being a sickle cell advocate has truly motivated me. I’ve seen so many people tell me how much this disease has stopped them from goals and put them through deep depression. I myself confessed to family in friends how hard it’s been.

At times it feels like there is this clock and I’m too far back to catch up. The fact is it does hinder you. I chose a degree that I was supposed to be finished in two years and it’s taking me 6. Because of painful crisis and hospitalization I’ve missed classes, castings, fashion shows, weddings, trips, party’s and opportunity’s. But what I take from that is no matter how many opportunities I’ve missed the door will open again. There’s no problem with being fashionably late it just wasn’t my timing. 

If You Could Sum Up Your Modeling Experience In Three Words, What Would They Be?

To summarize my modeling experience I would use theses three words A•I•M

Appearance- keeping up my appearance is very important. I have a whole model bag with extra shoes, coconut oil, pasties and hair accessories because the show must go on.

Inspire- I want to be and inspiration to people who have disabilities, it’s 2019 we all should be able to see someone like us in the industry. 

Motivate- motivate myself and others to go for their dreams 


What's A Quote You Live By?

“Celebrate even the small victories”

I used to overlook my victories, for example “yeah I’m in a magazine but I’m not the front page.”I had to get rid of that bad habit and realize that everything I do is a stepping stone to the next level and is monumental to my success.



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