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#ModelOfTheMonth : Jordan Shepherd 

#ModelOfTheMonth : Jordan Shepherd 

Hello Loves!

I am excited to step into September with the latest #ModelOfTheMonth Jordan Shepherd! Not only is she a beautiful individual on the inside and out she is a true inspiration for the new age model. Whether it's her natural hair, captivating gaze, or her gravitating personality - Jordan is sure to be one of your new favorite models. 

Be sure to follow her on social media and enjoy her full interview below!


Name: Jordan Shepherd 

Location: Minnesota 



What Peaked Your Interest In Modeling And What Type Of Modeling Do You specialize In ( Runway, Beauty, Swim, etc.)?

I started getting interested in modeling when I first entered art school. A lot of my friends were young photography majors and were in need of models for their assignments. So at the end of the day, they ended up using me. I never once considered modeling but after participating in a couple of my friend's assignments and then continuing on to collaborating with local experienced photographers I soon realized my passion for modeling.

 I would say I mainly do commercial modeling and some beauty.

AM3A2232 copy.jpg


How Would You Describe Your First Modeling Experience?

My first paid modeling experience was when I just started college and it was for a prom dress catalog. I remembered they dressed us in these beautiful studded gowns and they took shots of us as we pretended to apply lipstick on our mouths and sprawled out on pin cushioned couches. I was very nervous the moment I walked into the door so it was hard to get a word out of me. I was so tense that I started to notice my poses were stiffened and whenever I tried to smile my face would twitch haha. Eventually, I started to warm up to the crew and the models which made my job a lot easier and I got to meet a lot of really cool ladies.


To Date What Has Been Your Best Modeling Experience And Why?

My favorite modeling experience was for Luster's Pink. The company flew 3 other models and me out to Chicago for a hair campaign. There we spent a couple of days getting our hair prepped and modeling for Luster's Pink. My favorite part was spending time with the other models because they were so caring and we got to explore the city.



What Are Your Goals For Modeling (Agency signing? Starting your own agency? Other?) And Have You Reached Any Of Them?

My goal was to get into a larger agency in Minnesota called Ignite models which I just got signed to a couple of weeks ago (so wish me luck!). So, in the future, I want to start dipping my toes more into modeling for popular clothing companies.



Who Is Your Model Inspiration?

Ebonee Davis by far.



What Is Your Favorite Physical And Personality Trait About Yourself?

My favorite physical trait is my skin because I have a lot of scars, birthmarks, and freckles that tell the story of my life.

My favorite personality trait is my ability to be independent.



Do You Find It Difficult Being A Model With Tattoos? Why Or Why Not?

At times I do, yes. I feel as though I already have so many strikes against me being a black natural haired woman. A lot of photographers want the same clean-skinned white Eurocentric features to be portrayed in high fashion, advertisement, television, and in social media. When you add tattoos to the mix sometimes it seems as though I am not even a viable option even for commercial modeling because people with tattoos are underrepresented. However, I love my ink, and I make sure to carry tattoo cover up to all my shoots for the client.


Have You Branched Into Anything Outside Of Modeling?

I have been trying to focus more on art, specifically drawing. Sometime this year or next I want to start animating again and digitally painting.



What’s Next For You In 2019?

Continuing my rode to self-mastery


What's A Quote You Live By?

"You can’t be a victim to your history or to your current circumstance if you want to be empowered enough to create the life you desire for yourself. Make a choice."

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