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#FridayFunday : Model Maker

#FridayFunday : Model Maker

Hey Loves!

I hope 2018 has been good to you so far. This week's #FridayFunday I'm letting everyone in on a new addition to LolaChel.com. Due to the resounding questions I receive about getting started in modeling, I'm offering a FREE 7-Day E-Course to jump-start anyone's modeling career. And to think all you have to do to gain access is the subscribe to LolaChel.com!

Once you subscribe over the next week, I'm going to give you a basic guide to becoming a model. At any time feel free to ask me questions for clarity or guidance. If you love want you're getting in this e-course then you'll love the mini-model series I'll have every week on my YouTube channel - subscribe to stay up to date below!


So here's what you can expect from this modeling e-course:

Day 1:

I'm going to start you off by giving you the quick red flags to look for and detect modeling scams.

Day 2:

Find out what type of model you are. I'm going to show you the different modeling options that are available and the traits associated with each of them to see what's right for you!

Day 3:

Today I'm going to help you understand popular modeling terms and phrases so you can sound like a vet even if you're a rookie!

Day 4:

Now we're going to learn how to pick the right photographer for you.

Day 5:

Now I'm going to layout the 7 photos you need to have in your portfolio.

Day 6:

Here we are going to take a look at your model bag and I'll outline what you should have in it to be a prepared model no matter the occasion.

Day 7:

Now that we've covered most of the basics here is where you'll learn how to submit to modeling agencies

I can't wait to see how many of you start healthy and fresh modeling endeavors this year. I hope this E-Course helps and I look forward to your feed back!

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#ModelMonday : Special Skills That Can Help Your Modeling Career

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