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#ModelMonday: Signature Looks

#ModelMonday: Signature Looks

Hey Lovelies!

This week for #ModelMonday we are going to focus on the pros and cons of having a signature model look. A model's signature look consists of unique physical features that make the model noticeable. bWether it's Naomi Campbells's 20+ inch straight black hair with the occasional bang and deep brown skin or Winnie Harlow's vitiligo - when you see these feature's you know who they are. Now many models have made a name for themselves through signature looks such as dying their hair platinum blonde or covering themselves with tattoos and piercings. Though this may make you memorable it may block you from a job as well. Below I'm going to walk you through the 3 major pros and 3 major cons of signature looks.




People will get what they book every time:

When a client is looking to book someone for a certain job or role they may want someone with freckles and big curly hair. If that's your signature look and what your portfolio consists of they will get the exact look and person they were searching for.


You will be recognizable:

Once you start building your brand you will become more recognizable and more likely to be hired if you fit the description. So if someone is looking for a blonde swimsuit model, and you come to the casting (assuming you're a blonde swimsuit model), people will definitely be able to identify you. If you have a strong enough brand, you'll be more likely to close the booking! (And this is coming from experience) 


If Your Look Is In So Are YOU!

If your signature look is blue eyes and a black pixie cut with fair skin and in fall and winter brands are looking for women sporting short hair with light colored eyes you'll probably get contacted for a lot more jobs during that season due to your look.





You Don't Fit The Job Description

Sometimes clients might feel that you can pull off a job because your signature look is all they've seen from you. So if you're known for your green mohawk and you live in a commercial market there may be a disconnect. Macy's may be looking for someone like you just not with a green mohawk - but since that's your signature look they'll overlook you. 


Limited Job Opportunities

Depending on how extreme your look is, what type of modeling you do, and what type of market you are in you may only be allowed to do certain jobs. South Florida is a very commercial market so that means a lot of resort, department store, and swim catalog projects and jobs. If you don't have a commercial signature look or aesthetic in your portfolio you may find yourself limited in this market.


Your Look It Out

In fashion one day you're in and the next day, you're out (yes this is a project runway reference). If your look isn't what people want at the moment you limit your income because your look is limited. This can occur with extreme signature (short lavender hair, freckles, and deep skin) looks and simple ones (straight black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes) alike.

Was the knowledge helpful? If so drop a like on this post and comment something you want to know as a model or from a model.

Until next week lovelies!

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