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#FridayFunday: The Hidden World Of Hair Modeling

#FridayFunday: The Hidden World Of Hair Modeling

Hey, Lovelies!

I know we've talked about types of modeling on LolaChel.com and that knowledge is the first step in determining what your model journey and goals will entail. If you don't know your options or want to see what other types of modeling is out there check out the full list HERE. Once you've refreshed your memory allow me to give you an inside look into the world of Hair Modeling.

When I typically think of hair modeling I think about the extravagant hair shows that push hair to the limits or Garnier Fructis luscious hair commercials! Recently I had the opportunity to tap into another part of the hair industry by being a hair model for Bijoux Hair. They are surprisingly a Miami based hair company that supply's  human hair, synthetic hair, braiding hair, wigs, and accessories. They have been in operation for over 5 years and have been widely distributed in the U.S. I got the opportunity to work with them recently to model a few new textures they're looking to sell and become the new face for the hair's packaging. 

The experience was definitely one for the books. They hired one of South Florida's best natural hair stylists Simone Hylton and had an experienced in-house make up artist Yinling Yau to execute the multiple looks for the shoot. The photographer and editor for this shoot was none other than Tim Lee who not only excelled at executing these hair shoots but also in showcasing black beauty.  

During this shoot where my fellow model Adoch and I were tag-teaming looks we had to keep several things in mind: One it's not about us - it's about the hair and Two keep an open mind about everything. These may seem like "duh" moments but in the age of Instagram if you're a model and you're not looking like Beyonce many of us see a problem with that. This brings me back to point number one below:

1. Always remember your job as a model is to sell the products. 

In this shoot, the first thing I had done was my make up. Something you can't tell from the finished product is that my face makeup was that it was at least 1 to 2 shades lighter than my actual skin tone! Now for model's of color, this is something many of us have experienced and/or despise. So to have a paid shoot that would put my face on the packaging for a widely distributed product this was mentally intimidating. But then it hit me - IT'S NOT ABOUT ME! This shoot is about moving the hair I was wearing off of shelves and to consumers. When you realize this as a model you'll not only put yourself at ease you'll also be able to focus on other things such as being memorable and personable on set. The latter could get you a second booking!

2. Keep an open mind

Sometimes the photographer will want to try something a little out of the box. The shot below was captured after the photographer suggested we play around with a simple white sheet. Now if there's something you're uncomfortable with it's COMPLETELY ok to tell people you are uncomfortable - remember your face and brand will be the one at risk. This was something I had to adjust to and it definitely involved a couple of extra hands but the result was worth it. In all honesty keeping an open mind could lead to some of your best shots on any shoot but for hair shoots it can be the difference between your image just being on the packaging of a product and a full poster. 

I know this article was a little long winded but I hope you were able to see the possibilities in hair modeling that don't sacrifice your hair as well as a few mentalities you can adopt for any shoot you go on in the future!

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