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#FridayFunday: Wise Guy

#FridayFunday: Wise Guy

Hey Lovelies!

This #FridayFunday I'm giving you an inside look into a brand to watch: Wise Guy! They recently went on a tour with their apparel line and made a stop in Miami where I was first introduced to them. They have a company that spans more than just apparel but you never know when they'll launch a model call for a future look book :) Check out my full interview with Wise Guy and the creatives behind it in the interview below!

What is Wise Guy?

Wise Guy is an inventive lifestyle brand that approaches streetwear with an artistic temperament. Striving to instill unity in the creative community through graphic art design, photography, video production, creative radio, and original garments.


What keeps Wise Guy apparel innovative and apart from other lifestyle brands?

What keeps us different from all other lifestyle brands is what we represent: unity. Our logo ( Guy the Mascot ) is more than just a bear. The design behind him is a visual representation of what we stand for. The origin of our name “Wise Guy” was created by our determination to share wisdom through our apparel and expand the minds of creative individuals that society may view as misfits. One side of our logo “Guy” is dreary and worn down, while the other side looks as it has been well kept. The heavy stitching that's seen on the bear signify the bond that society must make in order to unify itself together and uplift each community for the better of every city. Inspired by street heritage, through artistry and our culture values, we will continue to push the culture forward, leaving a positive impact on this planet.


How has the brand grown in its 3 years of operation since its founding in 2014?

Wise Guy started as a graphic t-shirt line, selling mostly to close friends and family, has grown to a cut and sew company reaching people around the globe. Wise Guy expanded from apparel, upgrading to hosting an online web store that offers radio, podcast, videos, event notifications, photo gallery, as well as out online apparel shop. Our goal is to make a platform to show all creative talents.


Who is the team behind Wise Guy?

The Wise Guy team is a group of young creatives with a passion for artistry. The team consists of people who love art but add their own style to it. What makes our team special is artistry from all different types of backgrounds ( fashion, graphic design, musicians, cinematography, photography, etc ) came together.

Describe your company's consumer tribe in 3 words:

Trendy, adventurous, creative


What inspires your fashion?

Our inspirations for fashion stem from a combination of old school pop culture, and current events that go on in our world today. One of the biggest thoughts that go into every design process is simplicity, style, and comfortability.


What keeps your customer coming back for more?

When customers shop with us, we want them to know that they will be able to leave with a variety of products of a different nature. Also, when purchasing our items, we will always include a cool, yet random, piece of memorabilia to complement their purchase. Each item is also only released once,


Who's a celebrity you would love to have in Wise Guy clothing?

An epic photoshoot with Obama , Rihanna , and Pharrell Williams


How does your company balance putting out fashion, visual content (Wise Guy TV) and a sound all its own (Wise Guy Radio)?

In a weird way , it all naturally comes together. Everything we do incorporates all of these aspects. Being broke college students we couldn't afford to hire people for these services , so we took the initiative to teach ourselves. Being very proactive on our passions is what keeps our balance. We have different people that over looks every platform to insure it is working properly.

What element of Wise Guy out of the fashion, TV and radio came out first? Which do you think has propelled your brand forward the most?

Fashion was the first envelope that was created. In order to push the content that we created, we focused a lot more time on media to propel us forward, to show our content to the world.


Where do you see Wise Guy at the 5-year mark (2019)?

5 years from now we see ourselves as a bridge between the community and the people. Having a unique mobile store system that no other clothing company ever used, to continue to always be innovative and push the culture.

I hope you all have enjoyed this interview! If you want to know more about Wise Guy or shop their apparel line feel free to visit their site through the button below. I'll see you all next week :)

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