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#ModelOfTheMonth : Alexus Crown

#ModelOfTheMonth : Alexus Crown

Hey Loves!

The month of October is bringing you a wicked good treat to start off the month! The October #ModelOfTheMonth is none other than Alexus Crown! If you don't know her by name you'll definitely be able to recognize her viral being throughout this article. From her unconventional entrance into modeling to her #blackgirlmagic Alexus is certainly a model you'll want to add to your memory banks and timelines.

Be sure to follow her on social media via Instagram and Youtube. Now enjoy the inside scoop on Alexus below!


Name: Alexus Crown

Location: Dallas, Texas 



How Did You Get Your Start In Modeling?

I got into modeling via social media. I started intentionally posing and posting pictures on my social media accounts and companies began to reach out to me for professional work.


What Types Of Modeling Do You Do (Runway? Editorial? Parts?) And Do You Have Other Professions Outside Of Modeling?


Modeling is naturally apart of what I primarily do which is create content and influence people via social media and events. I’ve only done one print campaign for Lusters products but the rest of my work consist more so of brand deals and contracts with brands but I’d love to dive deeper into the modeling world!


What Are Your Goals For Modeling (Agency signing? Starting your own agency? Other?) And Have You Reached Any Of Them?

When I was younger I wanted to be a model. As I’ve gotten older I realized that I don’t necessarily have the frame to be editorial or plus size but due to the age of social media it has given countless of people the opportunity to become professional models under less conventional circumstances. Whether that may be walking in shows for NYFW, commercial campaigns or being discovered from social media and doing print ads, my goal for modeling would just be to continue to propel forward with it in all aspects. I no longer want to limit myself to “I’m just an influencer”, no I’m a model, just a less traditional one but that’s not to take credit away from the women who actively seek agencies and discipline their bodies to go the more traditional routes, you ladies are fierce!


What Was Your Most Memorable Modeling Experience/Memory (Good Or Bad)?


The most memorable missing experience I had was one honestly majority of the campaigns I’ve done with companies because of the simple fact that I’m super sensitive when it comes to my hair, when I have a hairstylist that doesn’t care about that or can’t help their roughness it’s excruciating to go through hair process but I make it through every time!


How Do You Couple Your Social Success With Your Aspiration?

God has allowed the majority of my success as far as business ventures to stem from my social success. Social media has provided many opportunities for many creatives including me.



What Does 2019 Look Like For Each Section Of Your Life (Modeling, Faith, Family, Etc.)?

For me, the year 2019 looks like peace, persistence, and prosperity in a nutshell. This past year I’ve allowed third parties to affect my work circumstances and emotional state but I severed those ties because if it cost you your peace, it’s too expensive. I’m more rooted and disciplined in my relationship with Christ more than ever before, my family and I are finding healthy avenues to communicate and convey feelings and modeling will continue to be a part of my work experience!


I Love That You Keep God First In Everything That You Do - Have You Ever Faced Opposition Or Resistance Because Of It? If So Please Explain.

image_6483441 (1).JPG

I actually haven’t experienced opposition because of my open relationship and dedication to Christ and if I have God shielded me from it and it was behind my back. I rarely think about if a person or company will turn away from me because of how often I talk about God in my page, I use to when I first started out but I had to realize what God has meant for me no man can take that away from me so I can't be ashamed of my relationship with Christ because He is the reason behind all of my achievements and blessings.


What's Your Favorite Quote?

“Nothing is impossible with God”- Luke 1:37

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