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#ModelModay: How to Make Your Commercial Modeling Audition Memorable

#ModelModay: How to Make Your Commercial Modeling Audition Memorable

Hey Loves!

Can you believe we’re already half-way through December? Before the full rush of the holiday season comes crashing down on us - unwind with the latest inspiration given by this month’s #ModelOfTheMonth Kaye Cox. If you haven’t already check out her full article here. We’re keeping this month’s focus on commercial modeling going. Check out the full article by Vanessa Helmer on creating memorable commercial modeling auditions below! 

So you’ve landed a commercial modeling audition. Great! But now what? How do you make yourself stand out in the crowd and book the job?

Just ask Lori Wyman. As one of the most prominent casting directors in the southeast, she knows exactly what it takes to nail an audition. And while she mainly works with actors, a lot of her knowledge transfers over to the modeling industry. She was kind enough to share her experience with Aaron Marcus, a professional commercial model, as part of Aaron’s Acting and Modeling Success Summit.

Here are just a few of the things models can learn from Lori’s interview:

What Are Some Common Things Models Do To Ruin Their Chances During a Callback?

Just because you landed a callback doesn’t mean you’re likely to get the job. Many models shoot themselves in the foot at the last minute for a variety of reasons!

Here’s a great story Lori had about this:

There was an actor many years ago who auditioned for a TV show. He worked very hard to get into the “bad guy” character, and showed up with tattoos, facial piercings, and a goth-inspired wardrobe. He did a brilliant audition and the producer was very excited about it. But...that’s when things went downhill. When the producer asked about a specific tattoo on the actor’s neck, the actor revealed that everything was fake and that he’s actually the nicest, cleanest guy in the whole world. With that, the producer’s facial expression instantly went from excitement to disappointment.

In the end, the actor didn’t get the part. Clients want to book the real deal, but instead he sabotaged himself by destroying the illusion. If he had stayed quiet he probably would have been cast in the role!

Another common thing models (and actors) do is ask when the actual shooting date is, then say, “Oh, I’m busy then.” Then when they ask why they didn’t book the job, they’re surprised to hear that the casting director thought they were unavailable!

These are just a few of the things models do to ruin their chances during a callback, but the moral of the story is this: stay in character, stay true to the character, and the less you say the better!

Should a Model Give Up if They Are Rarely Called for Auditions?

Definitely not. A lot of things can happen behind the scenes and that doesn’t necessarily mean your commercial modeling career is doomed to fail.

If you’ve auditioned for the casting director before and didn’t get a callback, ask your modeling agent if they can find out why. After all, you’re not going to book jobs by sitting around and wondering why no one wants to hire you!

It could be that the casting director wasn’t impressed by your first audition and simply doesn’t want to see you again. But if they hear you’ve been working hard at your craft, they might want to give you another shot.

The beauty of modeling is that you can make yourself better by practicing. It’s the same idea as working out with a personal trainer. You’re not going to get the results you want by lounging on the couch and eating bonbons. You must make a daily effort! 

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