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#ModelMonday: How To Pick The Best Photographers

#ModelMonday: How To Pick The Best Photographers

Hey Lovelies!

For this #ModelMonday I'm going to drop some much-anticipated knowledge. I want you all to know that anything is achievable no matter how many odds are stacked against you. Every publication I've shown you all over the month's I received because I worked with amazing people and then I submitted to amazing magazines! So - if you fellow models are trying to get published start with the basics: choose a good photographer! 

When choosing your photographer, consider these 3 things:

  1. Your Budget
  2. What Type Of Shoot You're Doing
  3. What Is The Purpose



Budget is number one on my list because that outlines who you can afford to work with. You might want to do a shoot to be published in Vogue but if you can't afford a Vogue level photographer you need to look into photographers that to TFP's


What Type Of Shoot You're Doing

Once you have your budget then comes the TYPE of shoot. If you want to do an editorial shoot you need to find a photographer that can give you editorial shots. Every photographer can't do everything - look at their portfolios before you work with them. If you want an awesome fashion shoot but the only thing in the photographer's portfolio is commercial & event photography you might want to look for someone else.

Tip: If a great photographer is trying a new genre keep an open mind - it normally won't cost you a thing!


What Is The Purpose

Lastly, what's the PURPOSE of the shoot? Is it just for fun? Are you updating your portfolio? Are you trying to apply for agencies? Maybe looking for publications? You have to know the why behind the shoot. That will weigh on how well you need these shots to turn out. Yes - every model want's great shots, but there's a difference in the quality level needed for leisure shoots and for magazine publications. This will also aid in the final selection of who you choose to have as your project's photographer.


Was the knowledge helpful? If so drop a like on this post and comment something you want to know as a model or from a model.

Until next week lovelies!

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