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#ModelMonday: Personal Branding

#ModelMonday: Personal Branding

Hey babes!

How's this Monday treating you? Need a little knowledge pick me up for this week? Don't worry - I've got just what you need.

This week we will be discussing personal branding as a model. In the age of social media, you can now secure a substantial amount of work as an independent model. Though it comes with its fair share of trials it also comes with its fair share of rewards. You can determine how people see you, what jobs you take, and what type of model you want to be. Today I will focus on the five things you need to build your personal brand.


Know Who You Are

Its hard to have any brand if you don't know what you're selling! Figure out who you are and how you want others to see you as well. This is definitely easier said than done. So as you grow and change so will how you present yourself! There's no right or wrong answer nor is there a time limit. Invest as much as you can into this step. Remember preparation is most important part of execution.


Define Who You Are

Now that you know who you are a.k.a. what you're selling then you need to define it! Are you a fitness-commercial model or are you more of an editorial-runway combo? Whatever the case may be once you've defined exactly what you do (or would like to do) then it's time to move onto the next stage


Add What Makes You Different

Are you able to travel internationally? Do you have locs? Do you have dancing skills? What's your wow factor(s)? What would make someone pick you over the other 100 models vying for the same position? Once you know what gives you an edge you've got to add that to your personal branding efforts which we are going to delve into next.


Let People Know About You

What good is having a product if no one knows about it? Now that you know who you are, how to express it and what makes you unique it's time to tell  an audience about you. The easiest way to do this is by simply activating social media! It sounds super shallow but it's a great way to have your efforts known and to get people sharing what you do. 


Mix This Together With Action

Now that you've successfully branded yourself it's time to put the brand into action. Grab some go sees. Join free networks to find certified work and model jobs. Grab some castings that seem impossible to book - if there's anything the current president should've taught you is to apply to the job! Network and meet other working models both signed and otherwise to build your knowledge of this industry and help you improve your personal brand and what you have to offer.

I hope this post has helped give you the steps you need to formulate a personal brand for your modeling career. 

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