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#ModelMonday: Model Scams

#ModelMonday: Model Scams

Hey lovelies! 

Per request, I will be releasing model tips and tricks every Monday with the occasional Model highlight sprinkled in there. This Monday we're going to talk about modeling scams. 

This is a topic that goes undiscussed until it happens to you. Whether it's a high paying low requirements job, a company posing as a type of agency, or a show that's supposed to be your big break they all have tell-tale signs that you should look out for. Unfortunately, this will be a well-written piece because I have first-hand experience with all the forms of scams I just mentioned. Luckily my trial and error is your free instructional on how to dodge a pricey bullet!

Below I'm going to tell you three major signs you should look for that will tip you off to a scammy situation.


A Large Pay Off - For Little To No Work

I know the world of Instagram has you thinking that modeling is a super easy profession that anyone with a pretty face - or a face they can make pretty - can succeed in. Well like every other profession modeling is actually HARD WORK! Almost no one, no brand, no company is going to pay an inexperienced model large sums of money to do a job that hundreds of experienced agency represented models could do. Even if they made that executive decision, why would they advertise this so broadly through a public listing or radio ad? It might sound harsh but if you look at it from this point of view you'll say yourself a lot of time realizing a scam before your a fake check or a pushy contract signing into a meeting with these companies or scammers.


Management Companies

BE CAREFUL. There are some groups that make good on what they do. They put together an industry standard portfolio for you. They get you a nice comp card together. They make sure to point you in the right direction concerning your look and what agency's to pursue. But some of them are pure scams. Any production, management, or development team that charges obscene amounts of money (i.e. 1000's of dollars), produce less than satisfactory work or has NEVER landed their clientele successful agency signings then they are probably not what they appear to be. 


Payment for ANYTHING

Agency's don't make you pay to sign with them. Agency's don't make you pay anything upfront. Agency's don't require you to commit any funds in order to join their ranks. If any person, group or organization tries to get you to pay ANY amount of money to be a part of what they are doing - WALK AWAY! No official agency will charge you. If they like your look and feel they can book you, whatever they invest in you will be taken out of the jobs you book through them and that's even in an extreme case. 

I hope this article was able to shine some light on some of this industry's more shady areas. 

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