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#ModelOfTheMonth: Shanee' Monique Dunbar

#ModelOfTheMonth: Shanee' Monique Dunbar


Hey Lovelies!

Welcome to another #ModeloftheMonth :) This month I am going to do a re-feature on an awesome model that some of you may already know. I felt like a week didn't do her justice so I'm reintroducing her this June. I hope you all will check her out (again)! Below is my interview with Shanee' Monique Dunbar she's a 23-year-old bombshell from Orlando, FL

. Feel free to follow her on social media and check out her work at the end of this interview! 

Name: Shanee' Monique Dunbar

Age: 23

Location: Orlando FL

How Did You Get Your Start In Modeling?

I started modeling when I lived near Seattle Washington. I did a random photo shoot for a photographer who was building his portfolio. He happened to be well connected with the agents at Seattle Models Guild he referred me to them and I ended up getting signed on the spot. I was still new to everything regarding modeling so I didn't really know which route to take but I knew it was a start.


What Are Your Goals For Modeling? 

My main goal right now is to get signed to an international agency like Wilhelmina or Elite so I can transition into runway and be somewhat established as a professional published model. Aside from modeling personally, a friend and I are in the premature stages of starting a media outlet business that revolves around providing a platform for creatives who feel stuck or a lack of opportunity. I can see that in the near future incorporating the development of up and coming models.


What Was Your Worst Modeling Experience/Memory?

My worst modeling experience was going to Wilhelmina's open call whole-heartedly thinking I had it in the bag just to be turned away in a matter of 2 minutes. It's good to get denied early on though I just figured I had to represent myself better and then give it another go.

Shanee 8010 FIN V1.jpg


What Do You Hope To Leave As A Legacy With Your Modeling?

I hope to leave emotion. I want each project to have a creative message whether it's I a shoe campaign or a cover story. I want to be great at transforming and providing the proper emotion for each shoot. I want to be one of a kind just like my inspiration Ms. Naomi Campbell exuding confidence and killing each project without hesitation.


What's Your Favorite Quote?

"Nobody knows my mind, I am mine"

I can't remember where I saw this but I glanced at it years ago and it stuck with me. The greatest battles we have are within ourselves. My main issue growing up was myself always battling myself always second guessing myself always looking at myself in comparison to others instead of understanding I am myself like every other person I meet. This quote to me represents the acceptance of personal battles and realizing that all those things that may have made you self-conscious are truly the things that give you unique power. So whenever you feel stuck within yourself remember those things that keep you up at night nobody knows what is in your mind, you have the power to adjust every level in your life. 


You can follow Shanee' on Instagram  and check out some more of her work there!


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