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#ModelOfTheMonth: Sara Linton

#ModelOfTheMonth: Sara Linton

Hey Lovelies Welcome April's #ModelOfTheMonth : Sara Linton

She is truly an inspiration on and off camera. Chasing not only her modeling dreams but also another degree. I this webtorial interview and spread you will learn everything from how she got her start to her best and worst experiences. If you're a model you might have had similar experiences. Enjoy this insight on Sara as well as her amazing photos.

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Enjoy the full feature below.

How Did You Get Your Start In Modeling?

Ever since I was a young girl and having the characteristics of a model, skinny, tall, long hair, etc.) I've been told, "You should model, you are beautiful!" But I never really gave it any attention until 2011 after I graduated high school. Someone close to me sat me down and told me I needed to chase my dreams so I found out about modelmayhem.com (a website for artists to connect and book jobs) and started my career with my first photo shoot in August of 2011.


What Types Of Modeling Do You Specialize In?

I specialize is swim, runway, fashion, editorial, print, fitness, bridal, commercial, lifestyle, and beauty.


What Are Your Goals For Modeling? (Agency signing? Starting your own agency? Other?)

When I first began my ultimate goal was to become "America's Next Top Model" lol which hasn't changed much but now it just has more meaning behind it. I just want to create art and be the visual for an artist in helping them bring their creative pieces to life. Being signed to an agency is what I am pushing for. When I first started I tried to get that done right away without the right experience and knowledge of what agencies want to represent. One of my other goals is to not start a modeling agency but a charity that caters to helping young ladies develop their own self-confidence and realize what talents they may have. 


What Was Your Best Modeling Experience/Memory?


My best experience as a model was Miami Beach Fashion Week 2012...I remember trying so hard to get in contact with all the designers that the company listed will be showcasing during that week and submitting myself while hoping someone would want to have me in their show. One of the designers I emailed was Lisu Vega. The day I received her reply, my mouth dropped and I was shocked that what I did actually worked. I met with her for a fitting and was in awe by her creativity. When I touched that runway that night I felt like I had the world in my hands and I was the best and hottest thing out there. That is my favorite moment thus far. 


What Was Your Worst Modeling Experience/Memory?

My worst memory I would say was working with a photographer in Miami in his studio apartment. He had strict rules of not having anyone assist models on shoots so my cousin that came with me had to leave. That should have been my light bulb but I figured he has trust issues. Come to find out this photographer wanted me to perform acts in order for me to get my pictures. I grabbed my belongings and quickly left. I shouldn't have stayed in the beginning and I thank God that nothing happened to me that night. For sure my worst experience ever. 


Outside Of Modeling, Do You Have Any Other Passions? If So How Do You Balance Them?

My other passions include designing, sewing, being a leader to the youth in my church amongst others. It is very hard to balance everything with only 24 hours in a day but my passion for each keeps me going and pushing. I do all these things while working a 9-5 and studying to go back to school. Every now and then my body wants me to stop and rest so by force I have to lol but for the most part I'm always on the go and always doing something else. 


How Do You Think Your Education, Being A College Graduate, Has Affected Your Outlook Of The Modeling World?

As a college graduate that will soon to be in college again, I have realized now more than ever that the world is truly mine and I can do what ever I want with it and that it is best to have other things going for myself than just one solid thing. Life is crazy and the world is not here to please me or do well for me so I have to do it for myself. Being educated on current events within my city and as well as events back home in Jamaica is a must for me. Giving back is a must for me. My potential is never ending and because of that, I will do everything I set my mind to do.


How Do You Define Yourself In And Out Of The Modeling World?

I believe I am myself in both worlds. I am the same God fearing, confident, always pushing forward, finding a way out of no way, challenging the stereotypes, and spreading love kind of person. The only thing I can say is somewhat different is that in the modeling world I am Aras...she is fierce and doing things not for the people but for herself. 


Do You Think You Would Be A Different Person Today If You Never Got Into Modeling?

I would most definitely be a different person if I did not get invested into modeling. I don't think my confidence level would be so high. And that is important. When you walk into a room here are people always judging you in some way shape and form so when you walk with confidence and grace, anything that people think or say doesn't bother you because you know who you are and what you are walking in with. 


Who Is Your Inspiration In The Modeling World?

Ooo jeez, so many influential people from Naomi Sims, Iman to Chanel Iman but because she has always been my silent mentor I would have to say, Tyra Banks. We have always had something in common and that is this lovely 5-head lol. She is fierce and has made a name for herself all over this world. She takes negativity and turns it into gold and for that I just love her. 


What's Your Favorite Quote?

My favorite bible verse that has brought me from hell is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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